FAE Resolution Roundtable

Design engineers and colleagues from around the globe are encouraged to JOIN US at 9:00 am USCST on Tuesday, February 23, when we present a live, candid discussion on electronic enablement and device protection challenges.

In Resolution Roundtable Session 1, Moderator Shelby Ball, North America’s manager of Laird field application engineering, will assemble three highly respected problem solvers from his FAE team. From their experience in the field, they will recall selected issues they have encountered and problems they have resolved. All resulted in successful projects. It will be the first of two roundtables we are scheduling.

Shelby will ask each team members to candidly share:

  1. An initial issue, or potential multiple compounding issues
  2. The listening, probing, consultative discussions, listening again
  3. Exploring the EMI, thermal, or structural problem in depth (or all three)
  4. Hypotheses
  5. Researching potential remedies
  6. Options considered (within design criteria)
  7. Initial material(s) selection
  8. Performance simulation, modeling, testing
  9. Analyses
  10. Design team bill of materials adoption

This 45-minute roundtable discussion will conclude with your questions to the team. (Note: No Laird customers will be disclosed.)

Schedule the time and join Laird for added insight, education and enlightenment.

We will see you February 23rd for Resolution Roundtable Session 1.

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