Data from enterprise, social media and interactive gaming coupled with megatrends like the rise of 5G (and associated new apps) continue to drive rapid datacenter growth.

Not only are data centers growing in number, but also in data rates, frequencies of operation, and corresponding power densities.

Laird EMI and thermal solutions help design engineers address everything from router signal interference to rising heat loads as these challenges become more complex and interlinked.

Superior Protection From a Global Innovator in Material Science

Rack Components


Laird has been serving this market for decades and offers the broadest, most advanced portfolio of radiated/conducted EMI and thermal interface solutions. For example, ASICs continue to grow in size and heat density.

Laird offers the highest Tc and most pump-out resistant thermal materials on the market. A broad portfolio of solutions is valuable as the problems become more complex and a more holistic approach is required.

In these situations, EMI shielding and absorbing solutions and thermal interface materials must work in concert to solve problems such as router signal interference and complex heat transfer scenarios. From simulation, to quick turn prototype and rapid scale-up, Laird leverages our global footprint to offer appropriate solutions for customer thermal and EMI challenges.

Pluggable / Connector

5G accelerator cards, SSD, NIC, Optical transceiver, backplane

As public/standardized solutions become more prevalent through groups like OCP, application of and advances in pluggables are accelerating and becoming a source of hardware customization and differentiation.

Laird’s experts are ready to address quickly evolving EMI and thermal challenges in the various and emerging form factors for these pluggable applications – from optical transceivers to accelerator cards.

Laird tests, posits scenarios, models/simulates, refines, hypotheses, iterates and validates. We listen. We question. We synthesize. Put our experience to use.