Laird EMI and thermal products play key roles in critical functions in new and evolving applications from industrial automation to smart meters to test & measurement. 

In addition, Industry 4.0 is accelerating the transformation of traditional manufacturing to new levels of connectivity, automation and real-time intelligence.  This means there will be higher frequencies and simply more frequencies in operation, along with corresponding thermal problems, requiring various EMI and thermal mitigation techniques. 

Laird helps designers work through different options to develop the best solution for their application.

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Smart meter

Laird’s team of engineers and scientists apply their expertise to eliminate both conducted and radiated EMI in the various subsystems that make up smart meters. 

Examples include shielded or unshielded power inductors in the power management section, chip beads on signal lines, and standard and custom shielding options for the communications and digital processor sections.

Laird tests, posits scenarios, models/simulates, refines, hypotheses, iterates and validates. We listen. We question. We synthesize. Put our experience to use.

Industrial automation

From autonomous mobile robots (AMR)/automated guided vehicles (AGV) in warehouse automation to robotic arms on the factory floor, Laird offers the expertise to handle EMI and thermal challenges in diverse applications. 

Examples include advanced thermal pad & thermal dispensable and EMI shielding solutions to keep complex vision/camera sub-systems cool and interference free on automated guided vehicles. 

Our scientists have also designed state-of-the-art phase change materials that have high thermal conductivity and are pump-out resistant in silicone-free materials for IGBT modules that drive the robots.

Other related prodcuts such as power & signal (EMI), and wireless charging.

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Test & Measurement

As data rates continue to increase and frequencies push further into the mm wave spectrum, EMI and thermal problems are growing more complex and intertwined. 

Applications include high speed/multi-head semiconductor testers, high frequency analyzers and scopes, 5G wireless testers, and security/body scanners. 

Laird has been servicing this industry for decades and offers the broadest portfolio of EMI and thermal solutions with the technical expertise to match – advanced EMI/thermal simulation to full production leveraging a global footprint.

Semiconductor tester

Whether you prefer pad or dispensable thermal interface solutions, our scientists and engineers will guide you to the best solution so your tester can operate at the highest rates without overheating.

For instance, if you prefer pad solutions Laird offers the softest TIMs on the market for lowest residual stress and pick & place automation options for manufacturability.

5G wireless test box/High frequency analyzer

As frequencies push higher with megatrends like 5G the need to minimize crosstalk in various bands to 90 GHz and beyond are becoming increasingly commonplace. 

Laird is the premier company offering shielding and absorbing solutions at these frequencies. 

We are one of a few companies globally who have the expertise to simulate, provide quick-turn prototypes through rapid scale-up to full-production volumes, and characterize materials over 90 GHz.

Body scanners

Security at all levels and forms is advancing with current and emerging threats. 

Laird offers the most advanced absorbers in various form factors to meet the growing trend of new body scanners