Consumer Electronics

We deliver the most innovative, reliable and scalable solutions in effective EMI mitigation and thermal management for consumer and portable electronic applications. Laird’s broad product portfolio covers a wide range of EMI and thermal solutions along with multi-functional solutions incorporating a single process design. Laird’s advanced materials and multifunctional layers allow miniaturization of components and enable zero air gap in portable devices. Our high performance thermal and EMI shielding materials help device and system manufacturers solve escalating temperature and EMI issues caused by the increasing functionality of consumer electronic devices.

Laird’s best-in-class co-engineering expertise in simulation, modeling, rapid prototyping and lab testing during early design stages speeds our customers on the path to achieving compliance. These efforts bring products to market more quickly. Our global manufacturing footprint enables Laird to consistently and efficiently fulfill customers’ demands in different regions. We are proven, reliable and strong partners to many of the world’s leading brands.

Laptop and Tablet

Design challenges inherent in laptops and tablets include increasing demands for ever higher performance, more compelling multi-functional capabilities, miniaturization, and energy efficiency. To support the work of design engineers, Laird delivers expert solutions in EMI mitigation, thermal management, power efficiency improvement and the integration of multifunctional layers. In addition, we are flexible in creating product designs to meet our customer’s security requirements, in-line inspection and cosmetic standards.

Computer Peripherals and Printers

Computer peripheral equipment and printer systems expand capabilities of computers and laptops. More functions continue being integrated into single devices. In them, our magnetic ceramic components suppress unwanted noise or improve system power efficiency in power converting. Our advanced thermal interface materials transfer heat away from hot ICs or components on the PCB to the enclosure. Our EMI shielding materials protect your equipment sensing elements and help to meet compliance. 

Game Consoles

Each year, next generation game consoles promise to be slimmer, faster and more powerful. These increasing demands for higher performance produce design challenges in thermal management, EMI mitigation and device reliability. Increasing power density drives the need for higher thermal conductivity material and developing added thermal management innovation. Tighter integration into smaller spaces leads to a need for ultra-soft thermal materials and process improvements through automation. At a device design level, the heat generated from more powerful devices is one problem. Waste energy or EMI “noise” is another. Laird provides innovative solutions to mitigate EMI while also effectively transferring unwanted heat in a tight, shrinking spaces.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Headsets

Soon, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) systems and headsets are expected to introduce astonishing new experiences into our everyday lives. The massive data transfer of image and video requires high speed data links and ever greater processing power. Meanwhile, AR and VR headsets require lightweight, longer battery life and tighter integration, all within smaller spaces. A holistic approach is required to understand EMI mitigation and thermal issues at the system level. Those issues must be addressed and resolved at the same time and most important, in an early design stage. Laird’s extensive portfolio includes high performance thermal interface materials, liquid gap fillers, fabric-over-foam gaskets, board level shields and multi-functional solutions, all engineered to enable design engineers to help create more immersive experiences in AR and VR. 

WiGig, the new Wi-Fi standard, will benefit AR and VR by multi-gigabits per second data speeds using the uncongested 60 GHz frequency band. Laird’s innovative thermoplastic absorbers provide excellent absorption and isolation at 60GHz for WiGig technology.