Full line of RF/Microwave Absorber Solutions

See our full line of quality-engineered Laird RF/Microwave and mm wave absorbers.

This comprehensive informational folder opens with a General Selection Guide. Listed are Laird absorbers commonly specified for near field noise suppression, cavity resonance, free space (isolation, narrow band, broadband), and transmission load/termination.

The next section offers frequency ranges and general performance characteristics of products throughout the extensive line of elastomers, foams, thermoset materials, compounds, and thermoplastic materials.

In the third section, the focus is on EMI issues Laird helps resolve. They are grouped by each absorber product family addressing the specific issue, including low loss dielectric materials.

Last, we provide helpful Reference Use Cases. We describe EMI challenges which are common within specific markets. Tied to that is an overview of typical absorber applications benefitting components, systems, and equipment which are developed for those OEM markets. Then, Laird absorbers recommended for specific applications per market and application are listed.

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