Global Capabilities, Local Talent Webinar

Design engineers the world over regularly commend Laird Performance Materials for wisely aligning our production sites and highly skilled engineering teams close by their own customer manufacturing sites and offices – the places where their own team members are located.

Examples abound throughout Europe, North America, China, and Asia. During the pandemic, supply chain performance has never been more critical.

Join Laird’s Waichong Sheetoh, Dave Revels, and Sebastien Chaudet when they offer Global Capabilities, Local Talent – a comprehensive online examination of Laird’s “global footprint”. They will explain how Laird sites keep the focus on:

  • Customer experience management
  • Engineers skilled in rapid prototyping
  • Unmatched manufacturing know-how
  • Superior product quality, inspection
  • Speed of delivery / complete supply chain integration
  • Supporting your global presence
  • Proactive sales, service, follow-up
  • Highly reputable channel partners 

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