EMI Non-metallic

EMI Non-metallic

Why Laird Performance Materials? Discover world-class EMI shielding expertise in one company.

When electromagnetic waves flow, interference can put your most essential devices and the lives of people who depend on them at risk. That’s why our skilled engineers use coordinated systems designed to help you build your best EMI defenses. For more than two decades, we’ve perfected the integrated art of creating high-quality EMI shielding materials that:

  • Suppress interference and meet immunity requirements.
  • Isolate offending circuits by filtering, grounding and shielding.
  • Desensitize devices by increasing their immunity to susceptible circuits.
  • Solve your most complex EMI dilemmas from PC board emissions to conductive radiation.
  • Customize Your EMI Essentials

Unlike our competitors, Laird takes complete ownership of our process. We embed Laird engineers and technical specialists in every phase of your design to provide the highest-quality products that are timely, cost-effective, and tailored to your needs.

We offer thousands of standard EMI shielding materials and unlimited custom options for a variety of metal components. Explore our catalog offered here or contact an engineer through our customer service center. In only an hour, you can create your own EMI application.

Explore Solutions

  • Wire Mesh and Knitted EMI Shielding Gaskets

Review our solutions for effective shielding and grounding of electronic/electric applications.

  • Vent Panels

High-performance panels that provide EMI shielding and allow airflow in and out of the application.  

  • SMD Grounding Contacts

Foam cored and solder reflow compatible, our contacts come with polyimide film outer coverings.

  • Metalized (Conductive) Fabrics

Our metal-plated flexible fabrics and non-woven textiles produce effective EMI shielding.

  • Board Level Shielding

Surface mount PCB shields that protect at the component level.

  • Form-in-Place Gaskets and Sealer

Get reliable protection for compartmentalized cast or plastic enclosures or electronic assemblies.

  • Conductive Foam Gaskets

Ecofoam™ offers innovative X, Y and Z-axis conductivity, aiding effectiveness.

  • Fingerstock – Enclosure Shielding Gaskets and Contact Strips

Thin strip metal solutions for high frequency EMI shielding and grounding.

  • Conductive Tapes and Adhesives

EMI issues in high dynamic flex conditions meet their match with durable solutions.

  • Conductive Elastomers

Our elastomers offer EMI shielding in harsh conditions and good mechanical functionality.

  • Fingerstock – Metal Connector Shields

Thin-strip, miniature-engineered metals include more than 500 standard parts.

  • Fabric-over-Foam

Engineered fabric-over-foam gaskets deliver superior low EMI shielding attenuation.


EMI Non-metallic Groups

Conductive Foam Gaskets_2
Solve your enhanced EMI shielding needs. Laird Ecofoam™ offers innovative X, Y and Z-axis conductivity, aiding effectiveness in low-cycling applications. Customize Ecofoam by die-cutting, hole-punching and notching. One side offers conductive PSA
Electrically Conductive Elastomer (ECE)_2
Seal slight openings to your shielding. When closure issues create an easy-access path to shielding systems, electrically conductive elastomers can stop the problem, even in harsh conditions by conforming to surface irregularities. See our ECE line.
EMI Tapes_2
Resolve EMI with thinner tapes. Our thin, highly conductive tapes, fabrics and adhesives are your ideal solution. Made from nickel/copper metalized fabric with a conductive PSA, they deliver exceptional EMI shielding, grounding and flexibility.
Fabric-over-Form (FOF) Gaskets_2
Get soft shielding in a durable design. Achieve superior low shielding attenuation with Laird Ni/Cu and Sn/CU fabric-over-foam gaskets. They are ideal for applications requiring low compression force and high conductivity and shielding attenuation.
Form in Place (FIP) Elastomer_2
Optimize electronic performance. Ensure reliable protection for compartmentalized cast or plastic enclosures or electronic assemblies with cost-saving, molded form-in-place gaskets. Benefit from shielding effectiveness of 85-100 dB up to 10 GHz.
EMI sample kits and accessories_2
Our variety of EMI shielding materials sample kits put products and data in your hands. Examine board level shield, elastomer, gasket, fingerstock and tape solutions. Review the kit’s reference documents to gain better understanding.
SMD Foam Contacts_2
Complete circuit grounding the soft way. Foam cored, soft SMD foam contacts are designed with a metalized polyimide film outer covering. Our circuit grounding solution are solder reflow compatible and suitable for automatic processing.
Wire Mesh Knitted Conductive Gaskets_2
Ensure high-performance EMI shielding and grounding. Laird knitted wire or conductive thread gaskets are preferred choices of design engineers worldwide for effective EMI shielding and grounding of electronic devices and electric applications.