Microwave Absorbing Gap Fillers

Microwave Absorbing Gap Fillers


Soft Absorber

Microwave absorber gap fillers are very soft absorber pads with low deflection force upon compression. This soft, conformable absorber eliminates unwanted signal noise while also acting as a gap filler that reduces further coupling.

The Softzorb product family can be used to fill the air gap between electronic components and structures to reduce coupling without stressing components or structures. This product offers design engineers valuable flexibility and enables them to maximize the performance of their products.

Microwave Absorbing Gap Fillers Series


Low deflection force absorber gap filler This softer material offers lower deflection for use in cavities whenever a lid may

Softzorb GDS image

Low deflection force gap filler 18-35Ghz SoftZorb GDS is a softer entry within Laird’s standard EccoSorb  product line. This softer