Structural Absorbers

Structural Absorbers


Flexible solutions

Whenever pre-cut materials will not fit your unique design, our full line of epoxy, silicone-based and thermoplastic molded, casted and machined absorbers can give you the attenuation you need.  Absorber materials can be precision-machined or custom molded/injected in a variety of complex shapes.  Magnetically loaded but not electrically conductive, they also can be placed directly in contact with circuitry.  Certain compounds loaded with specific fillers may be used in high volume applications that require reduction of interference and enhanced performances through absorbers material. Because of their low out-gassing properties, these materials may be suitable for space applications. 

Benefits of our Injection Molded, Machined and Casted Absorbers

  • Withstands temperature cycling
  • Reflow compliant grades
  • Easy to bond and release
  • Fully customizable solutions possible
  • Weatherproof
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Low to high volume compliant process
  • Suppresses surface currents

Find or Design Your Absorber

Using Laird-manufactured parts, our team of global experts and engineers create a custom design experience that is unrivaled by our competitors.  Explore our robust line of absorber products or contact an engineer through customer service to discuss your next solution. 

Explore Solutions

  • Injection Molded Thermoplastic Absorbers

See ECCOSORB MF PA, our high temperature, magnetically loaded thermoplastic Polyamide absorber.

  • Machinable Stock

ECCOSORB® MF500F is popular as a waveguide absorber and with attenuators and coaxial lines. 

  • Eccosorb CR Compounds

Learn the benefits of ECCOSORB castable absorbers available in several resins.

Structural Absorbers Series

Microwave Absorbers-ECCOSORB MF500F

This high-temperature absorber product line is designed for use at short periods of 500 °F (260 °C) permitting use at


Eccosorb MF-TPE is the right choice within the thermoplastic absorber series when softness and elastomer flexibility is required for tolerances,


Polyphenylene Sulfide thermoplastic absorber Eccosorb MF PPS exhibit high temperature resistance up to 210 °c as well as compliancy to


Eccosorb MF-PP is a multi purpose grade covering general application as well as specific ones in automotive industry for example


Eccosorb MF-PA represents a family of injection molded absorbers based on a thermoplastic matrix with high magnetic loss. Eccosorb MF-PA-120


EccosorbTM MF-LCP-115 is a magnetic loaded injection moldable absorber grade based on Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP). Benefit from LCP resin

JCP-PP9 attenuation.JPG

Eccosorb JCP-PP9 is an injection molded absorber grade based on a proprietary blended polypropylene based material made to match a


Reinforced with glass fiber, this absorber grade is exhibiting good stability and enhanced mechanical properties. This compound is loaded with

Laird Eccosorb JCP Image2.jpg

The thermoplastic contains polyamide with a proprietary filler for applications requiring enhanced performance for resonance and reflectivity in the higher


Eccosorb MF can be machined for use as absorbers, attenuators and terminations in waveguides, coaxial or strapline applications. With products

eccosorb-cfs-absorber (1)

It cures in a flexible elastomer showing high loss in the microwave frequency range. When fully cured, Eccosorb CRS will


It can be used to mold waveguide terminations, attenuators, loads and other custom parts to finished size. When fully cured,