Textil - ISE

Multi-function Solutions (MFS) / ISE (Integrated Solutions Engineered)

Application of Smart Fabrics

Laird Textil-ISE utilizes selectively-plated flexible fabrics (stretchable and non-stretchable) to create assemblies providing more than just a conductive path. The Textil-ISE product family provides a solution for heating elements, capacitive sensors, and pressure switches, incorporating flexible fabrics as the basis for these solutions. The flexible nature of Textil-ISE allows its application in environments which are unsuitable for traditional circuit design.   

Textil - ISE Series


Flexible Capacitive Sensor Flexible pressure sensor for use as pressure switch based on Laird’s selectively plated conductive fabric. Due to


Fexible Hands On Detection Sensor Tex Sense is a hands on detection sensor specifically for use on steering wheels, which


Flexible Heating Element Laird has developed and tested the ability to use our selectively plated conductive fabric as an effective