Textured Elastomer Absorbers

Textured Elastomer Absorbers


Rezorb™ is an innovative concept enabling 3D surface design to deliver optimum reflectivity performance trough reliable elastomer technology .The material property is tuned along with the pyramidal like shape design to reach the maximum performance over a targeted frequency range . The first release of this new product family is the Rezorb™ S silicone-based grade addressing the 60-90 Ghz frequency band.

ReZorb™ S helps boost signal accuracy by lowering EMI through both insertion loss and reflection reduction regardless of the angle of incidence. Elastomer based this is a robust and compact alternative toward the traditional foam-based absorber in high demanding application and environment.

Current and forecasted applications centered on mm wave applications in datacom/telecom, industrial, automotive, and aerospace and defense equipment all will benefit.

Textured Elastomer Absorbers Series

Rezorb S typical reflectivity

60-90 Ghz Reflectivity elastomer absorber ReZorb™ S is designed for the frequency range 60-90 Ghz. At such high frequencies ,signal