Hybrid Thermal/EMI Absorber

CoolZorb-Ultra series is a higher performance and silicone free hybrid absorber/thermal management material with ultra-high thermal conductivity of 11.5W/m.K. CoolZorb-Ultra is designed to be used like a traditional thermal interface material between heat source such as a high-power IC and heat sink or other heat transfer device or metal chassis. CoolZorb-Ultra also functions to suppress unwanted energy coupling, resonances or surface currents causing board level EMI issues.

Features and Benefits

  • Very high thermal conductivity to meet industry trend of increasing IC power 
  • Good EMI suppression over wide frequency range, particularly over 25GHz 
  • Silicone free formulation make it suitable for silicone sensitive application 
  • Inherent surface tack typical of standard thermal gap fillers 
  • Compliant with minimal component stress during assembly 
  • CoolZorb Ultra passes UL94V0 requirements


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Last Updated: 12/08/21

Technical Specification

Typical PropertiesColorDark Grey
Density (g/cc)2.96
Operating Temperature Max (Celsius)125
Operating Temperature Min (Celsius)-40
Outgassing CVCM (%)0.140
Outgassing TML (%)0.290
Thermal PropertiesProduct Line Tc Range (W/mK)11.5
Electromagnetic PropertiesAttenuation @10GHz (dB/cm)22.0
Attenuation @20GHz (dB/cm)39.0
Attenuation @28GHz (dB/cm)53.0
Attenuation @39GHz (dB/cm)76.0
Attenuation @77GHz (dB/cm)135.0
Electrical PropertiesVolume Resistivity6.00 x10^16 Ohm-cm
Mechanical PropertiesHardness (Shore 00)58
DimensionsThickness Max (mm)4.00
Thickness Min (mm)0.50
ComplianceLead FreeYes
ROHS CompliantYes
UL Flammability RatingUL 94 V0


Last Updated: 16/07/21


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