Eccosorb™ AN

Eccosorb™ AN

Products are made from polyurethane foam that is treated with special filler and assembled in a laminate construction to generate a controlled conductivity gradient. Each product in the series has it’s own low end cut-off frequency that forms the basis of selection based on operating frequency. Reflectivity reduction is at least 17 dB down for normal incident energy with the correct choice of ECCOSORB AN absorber. Examples for use are radar antenna nacelles, anechoic enclosures, antenna or target test mounts in radar ranges, and inside or outside horn antennas. ECCOSORB® AN is equally effective against linear, elliptical, or circular polarization, and relatively insensitive to incidence angles out to 70 degrees.

Features and Benefits

  • Multilayer absorber
  • High performance
  • Broadband-free space absorber
  • Low weight


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Last Updated: 27/01/2021

Technical Specification

Typical PropertiesColorFront - white Back - black
FunctionFree Space Reflectivity
Operating Temperature Max (Celsius)90
Shelf LifeMinimum 365 Days from Date of Shipment
TypeDielectric Foam absorber
Electromagnetic PropertiesProduct Frequency Range0.6 - 20 Ghz
Reflectivity-17 dB
DimensionsThickness Max (mm)11.50
Thickness Min (mm)0.60
ROHS CompliantYes
UL Flammability RatingUL94 HBF
OptionsOption Availability - PSAYes
Option Availability - on drawingYes


Last Updated: 11/03/2022




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