Eccosorb™ CFS 8480

Eccosorb™ CFS 8480

Castable silicone absorber series

ECCOSORB CFS-8480 has a high magnetic loss tangent and is electrically non-conductive. When poured or pained on surfaces, it will suppress surface currents, reduce the reflectivity of objects, and lower the QA of a cavity. It can also be used to mold terminations and attenuators. ECCOSORB CFS-8480 is supplied as a two component kit consisting of a Component A (resin) and Component B (catalyst).

Features and Benefits

  • 2-component castable
  • Low frequency performance
  • High temperature resistance
  • High loss tangent
  • Flexible


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Last Updated: 27/01/2021

Technical Specification

Typical PropertiesColorGrey
Density (g/cc)2.80
FunctionTermination, attenuator, isolation
Operating Temperature Max (Celsius)275
Shelf Life Minimum 180 Days from Date of Shipment
Type2 part castable absorber
Thermal PropertiesThermal Conductivity (W/mK)0.73
Electromagnetic PropertiesAttenuation11.5 dB at 8 Ghz
Product Frequency Range0.8 - 18 Ghz
Electrical Properties Dielectric strength (Kv/mm)12.0
Volume Resistivity 10^12 Ohm-cm
Mechanical PropertiesHardness 65 shore A
ROHS Compliant Yes


Last Updated: 11/03/2022




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