Eccosorb™ RF-LB

Eccosorb™ RF-LB

EMI Noise Suppression Absorber

Eccosorb™ RF-LB is a silicone based elastomeric absorber with an improved low frequency filler system.  The proprietary filler system provides higher permeability than standard Eccosorb™ magnetic sheet materials, with a higher temperature limit than standard near field noise suppression absorber products.  Eccosorb™ RF-LB is used to suppress unwanted energy coupling and resonant or surface currents that cause EMI issues.

Features and Benefits

·        High Permeability

·        Excellent EMI suppression for lower frequency applications

·        High Temp near field noise suppression suitable for automotive applications

·        Suitable for suppression of cavity resonances and surface currents

·        Flexible

·        Dust free

·        UL94 H-B

·        REACH and ROHS compliant


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Last Updated: 14/10/2022

Technical Specification

Typical PropertiesColor Grey
Density (g/cc)2.20
FunctionFunction Noise Suppression Operatin
Operating Temperature Max (Celsius)177
Operating Temperature Min (Celsius)-70
Outgassing CVCM (%)0.120
Outgassing TML (%) 1.150
Resin Silicone
Shelf LifeMinimum 365 Days from Date of Shipment
TypeLow Frequency Noise Suppressor
Electromagnetic PropertiesAttenuation>50 dB/cm at 2.5 GHz
Insertion lossthickness dependent
Permeability at 1 Mhz40
Product Frequency Range10 MHz - 4 GHz
Electrical PropertiesVolume Resistivity7.45x1011 ΩC
DimensionsThickness Max (mm)3.05
Thickness Min (mm)0.25
ComplianceLead FreeYes
ROHS CompliantYes
UL Flammability RatingUL94 H-B
OptionsOption Availability - PSAYes
Option Availability - on drawingYes