Eccosorb™ RF-RET

Eccosorb™ RF-RET

Broadband Foam Absorber

RFRET is a lightweight open celled broadband reticulated foam absorber. The reticulated urethane backbone allows for a defined cell structure.  When treated with a lossy coating, the material is extremely lightweight and provides broadband reflectivity reduction. It is used for antenna reflection reduction where broadband reduction coupled with lightweight is required.  Also useful for testing chamber applications and fabricating broadband barriers.  Laird can customize the material for outdoor use as well. The material can be produced in a variety of sizes and can be bonded or mechanically attached into place.

Features and Benefits

·        Extremely lightweight and flexible

·        Broadband –20 dB performance

·        Excellent for radome applications and antenna enclosures

·        Can be enclosed into textile covers for environmental protection and outdoor use

·        Can be filled with closed cell foams to make radar absorbing structural foam

·        A variety of thicknesses are available from .375 to 2 inches

·        Useful in anechoic chambers to cover pedestals and equipment


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Last Updated: 14/07/2023

Technical Specification

Typical PropertiesColorBlack
Density (g/cc)0.05
FunctionFree Space Reflectivity
Operating Temperature Max (Celsius)121
Operating Temperature Min (Celsius)-40
Shelf Life730 days from date of shipment
TypeFree Space Broadband Foam Absorber
Electromagnetic PropertiesPermeability at 1 Mhz1
Product Frequency Range2-18 GHz
Reflectivity20 db at a given frequency and above
DimensionsThickness Max (mm)50.80
Thickness Min (mm)6.35
ComplianceLead FreeYes
ROHS CompliantYes
OptionsOption Availability - Fabric wrappingYes
Option Availability - MachiningNo
Option Availability - PSAYes
Option Availability - PU coatingYes
Option Availability - on drawingYes