Eccostock™ HIK

Eccostock™ HIK

Low outgassing properties make them suitable for space applications. It exhibits a very low water absorption (<0.1) making it of choice for outdoor applications. It is used in cavity tuning probes, patch antennas, and dielectric support pieces as well as waveguide.

Features and Benefits

  • Low loss
  • Low outgassing
  • Very low water absorption


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Last Updated: 27/01/2021

Technical Specification

Typical PropertiesColorwhite
Density (g/cc)2.20
Operating Temperature Max (Celsius)110
Operating Temperature Min (Celsius)-65
Outgassing CVCM (%)0.001
Outgassing TML (%)0.380
Shelf LifeMinimum 720 Days from Date of Shipment
TypeLow loss dielectric thermoset
Electromagnetic PropertiesLoss Tangent0.00200
Product Frequency Range> 0.0001 Ghz
Electrical PropertiesDielectric Constant Max15.00
Dielectric Constant Min3.00
Dielectric strength (Kv/mm)7.9
Volume Resistivity>10^12 Ohm-cm
Mechanical PropertiesCoefficient of linear expansion (cm/cm/°c)0.000036
DimensionsDiameter (mm) Max76.200
Diameter (mm) Min25.400
Thickness Max (mm)76.20
Thickness Min (mm)3.20
ROHS CompliantYes
OptionsOption Availability - MachiningYes
Option Availability - on drawing drawing Yes


Last Updated: 11/03/2022


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