High Loss & Low Reflection Injection Molded Radar Bracket

ReZorb is a tuned injection molded material and associated physical geometry surface system to achieve significant radar signal reflection reduction. This innovative technology, targeting 60 to 90 GHz band, is ideal for autonomous driving & collision avoidance systems by incorporation as the physical bracket holding the radar units to vehicle bumpers or chassis. ReZorb is available in two materials, JCP‐PP9 and JCP‐PA, offering identical high frequency signal performance enhancement and can be used interchangeably based on application needs. JCP‐PP9 is a proprietary blended polypropylene based material made to match a typical automotive bumper’s physical properties offering ultrasonic welding capabilities for attachment. JCP‐PA offers a polyamide material with increased rigidity and strength.

Features and Benefits

  • Automotive imaging radar systems, 76-81 GHz, see a significant distortion of their signal, seen in the side lobe of the antenna pattern, because of reflections off the areas surrounding the radar unit and the vehicle bumpers. ReZorb radar brackets absorb the incident signals greatly limiting reflections and limit noise, false positives and false negatives in signal readings.
  • Radomes can reflect a portion of the signal that passes through them causing EMI and hurting signal accuracy. ReZorb used around an antenna can greatly limit the interference and increase signal performance.
  • High loss at 77 GHz
  • Impact Resistant
  • Capable of ultrasonic welding
  • -25 dB EMI reflection reduction
  • Physical properties closely mirror base thermoplastic material
  • REACH and ROHS compliant


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Last Updated: 18/11/21

Technical Specification

Typical PropertiesColorBlack
Operating Temperature Max (Celsius)170
Operating Temperature Min (Celsius)-40
Electromagnetic PropertiesReflection Loss @ 77 GHz (dB)-25.0
ComplianceLead FreeYes
ROHS CompliantYes


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