Tflex™ 50000

Tflex™ 50000

Silicone based Thermal Gap Filler

Compliant 2.8 W/mK Thermally Conductive Gap Filler

Tflex 50000 is a compliant elastomer gap filler designed to provide excellent thermal performance while remaining cost effective. This soft interface pad conforms well with minimal pressure, resulting in little or no stress on mating parts. Tflex 50000’s unique silicone and filler combination has extremely low silicone extractables compared to many other silicone interface products. Tflex 50000 meets NASA outgassing specification. Tflex 50000 is naturally tacky, no adhesive coating is required. Tflex 50000 is electrically insulating, stable from -50ºC to 200ºC and is certified to UL 94V0 flammability rating.

Features and Benefits

  • Low pressure versus deflection
  • Highly compliant and cost effective
  • Minimizes board and component stress
  • Naturally tack for easy assembly
  • Low silicone extractables


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Last Updated: 22/04/21

Technical Specification

Typical PropertiesColorLight Blue
Density (g/cc)3.00
Operating Temperature Max (Celsius)200
Operating Temperature Min (Celsius)-50
Outgassing CVCM (%)0.040
Outgassing TML (%)0.290
Shelf Life 2 years from Date of Shipment
Thermal PropertiesThermal Conductivity (W/mK)3.00
Thermal Resistance @10 psi Max (C-in2/W)1.720
Thermal Resistance @10 psi Min (C-in2/W)0.397
Thermal Resistance @30 psi Max (C-in2/W)1.095
Thermal Resistance @30 psi Min (C-in2/W)0.340
Thermal Resistance @50 psi Max (C-in2/W)0.802
Thermal Resistance @50 psi Min (C-in2/W)0.295
Electrical PropertiesDielectric Constant6.80
Volume Resistivity1.00 x10^13 Ohm-cm
Mechanical PropertiesHardness (Shore 00)40
DimensionsThickness Max (Microns)5000.0
Thickness Max (inches)0.200
Thickness Min (Microns)500.0
Thickness Min (inches)0.020
ROHS CompliantYes
UL Flammability RatingV-0


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