Tgard TNC-6

Tgard TNC-6

Product Description

Tgard™ TNC-6 is a heat curable adhesive film providing high electrical insulation and low thermal resistance. It is comprised of a single homogeneous thermally conductive silicone compound. Tgard™ TNC-6 has a higher temperature rating and improve dielectric strength. It is designed to simplify the application process, eliminating the need for mechanical attachment with clips or screw. Tgard™ TNC-6 adheres the power transistor to the heatsink with a low lamination pressure while  providing strong adhesion, lowering contact resistance, and driving superior thermal transfer. 

Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates mechanical fasteners
  • Simplifies application process and reduces the total cost
  • Provides more consistent thermal performance.•Allows for tighter component spacing within a power supply


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Last Updated: 05/03/2024

Technical Specification

Typical PropertiesColor Pink
Density (g/cc) 2.90
Minimum Bondline Thickness (microns)254
Minimum Bondline Thickness (mm)0.25
Operating Temperature Max (Celsius)180
Operating Temperature Min (Celsius)-45
Reinforcement CarrierFiberglass
Shelf Life 6
Thermal PropertiesThermal Conductivity (W/mK)2.20
Electrical PropertiesDielectric Breakdown Voltage (Volts AC)6000.0
Dielectric Constant6.64
Volume Resistivity4.5X10^15
Mechanical PropertiesHardness (Shore 00)90
ROHS CompliantYes
UL Flammability Rating94V0


Last Updated: 22/03/2024
Last Updated: 22/03/2024