Tlam™ PP HTD

Tlam™ PP HTD

Thermally Conductive Pre-preg

Tlam™ is a thermally conductive IMPCB substrate used for heat dissipation in electronics circuit boards used in Power Supplies, DC-DC Converters, LEDs & Ballast Lighting, Automotive, Appliances, Commercial & Industrial Motor Drives, and Military & Aerospace Applications.

The heart of this system is the thermally conductive pre-preg, Tlam™ PP HTD.  This ceramically filled 2.2 W/mK, dielectric prepreg offers 8 times better thermal performance over FR4, while maintaining good adhesion and voltage breakdown properties.  Tlam™ PP HTD is a “B” State epoxy film providing room temperature stability for 6 months.  Tlam™ PP HTD is provided in multiple thicknesses.  Thinner films offer better thermal performance while thicker films offer better dielectric strength.

Tlam™ PP HTD can be used to build many different combinations of PCB laminates.   The simplest is copper foil, Tlam™ PP HTD dielectric and an aluminum base plate which acts as a heatsink and adds rigidity. Board complexity goes up from here offering multi-layer boards constructions and PCB structures can further include varying layers of Tlam™ PP HTD and FR4 layers to give the thermal properties where need while maintaining cost effectiveness.

Tlam™ PP HTD can laminated with copper foils from ½ oz to 4 oz can be used aluminum or copper base plates ranging from 2.5mm to 6mm thick.  Further Tlam™ PP HTD and be laminated on both sides with copper films to make traditional type PCB Cores. 

Features and Benefits

·   Low Thermal Resistance for SMD & Chip & Wire Components

·   Compatible with Heavy Copper Foil & most Pre-pregs

·   Low Modulus for Stress Relief & High Reliability

·   High Tg for Excellent HV & Hi-Temperature Operation (1HTD)

·   Mechanically Rugged under Vibration and Mechanical Shock

·   Integral aluminum Base Plate for Mechanical & Thermal Interface

·   Compatible with Power Substrate & Multilayer Construction

·   Uses Standard low-cost PCB Fabrication Techniques

·   Can run through standard pick and place SMT and manual wire bond processes.


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Last Updated: 23/08/23

Technical Specification

Thermal Properties Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)2.20


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Last Updated: 15/08/22


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