Radome5™ Poly

Introducing Radome5™ Poly
Boost signal quality in 5G devices with new radome solution
Radome5™ Poly is an injection-moulded radome that helps ensure strong and reliable signal quality at wide angles in 5G equipment. The newest addition to Laird Performance Materials’ Radome5™ series of products, Radome5™ Poly is a polyolefin thermoplastic material that offers indoor environmental protection to the equipment that receives mm Wave 5G signals – from small cells to hand-held devices. In addition to offering a low loss tangent, Radome5™ Poly also offers the lowest dielectric constant of any injection-moulded radome on the market. Whereas signals degrade at off angles with traditional thermoformed or flat-sheet radome products, Radome5™ Poly performs reliably at wide angles.

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