RobZorb MCS and GDS dispensable cavity fill elastomeric absorbers

The electronic industry’s first dispensable cavity-fill elastomeric absorber with self-levelling characteristics !!!!
Introducing innovative RobZorb MCS and GDS dispensable cavity fill elastomeric absorbers.
Automatically dispensed absorbers platform now ends the need for heavy, inexact peel-and-stick applications.
A breakthrough dispensable material
Frequency range: 800 MHz to 18 GHz (RobZorb MCS), 18 to 40 GHz (RobZorb GDS)
Operating temperature: -50°C to 125°C
Hardness (Shore 000): 60
Cure-in-place in 24 hours at room temperature or > 1 hour at 85°C
Shelf life six months
Sample kits available with product, 50cc syringes, static mixer, dispensing gun. Dispensed prototypes are possible.
Standard packaging sizes: 1 gallon can; larger sizes available
Dispensing application note will be available.
Apply self-levelling absorber material   using robotics.
Pioneering RobZorb™ MCS and GDS are flexible, high loss, magnetically loaded, two-part dispensable absorber solutions. They are ideal for difficult-to-reach applications within a cavity where suppressing resonance is key. RobZorb MDS, designed for the 800 MHz to 18 GHz range, is processed through commercially available dispensing equipment handling low viscosity materials. RobZorb GDS is for the 18 to 40 GHz range. Both exhibit self-levelling characteristics to fill smoothly closed cavities. They become solid elastomers after curing at room or accelerated heat temperatures, creating intimate contact with substrates, and thus enhancing reliability. Flexible dispensable technology thus enables low total cost of ownership, leveraging easier supply chain management, material tuning, and short cycle times benefitting medium and high-volume applications. 

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