SPICE Model Documentation

Another Laird Performance Materials first: Read about our SPICE Model and how it predicts with superior accuracy the real performance of an EMI chip bead under actual circuit operations.

Download the files for our new SPICE model for EMI ferrite chip beads. Now you can select the proper components regardless of design complexity and the EMC environment. This design aid includes the de-rating effects of DC bias currents on small ferrite board level components, as contrasted by other SPICE models which can predict performance only when chip beads aren’t under significant operating loads. The features:

  • Learn part performance under DC Bias up to five Amps or full rated current
  • Can be used with most SPICE programs such as PSPICE & LTSPICE
  • Can quickly switch between different Laird Performance Materials chip beads 
  • Takes into account unwanted parasitic effects caused by increasing bias
  • “Real world” accuracy for better designs the first time
  • Provides quicker designs and faster time-to-market

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