Stretchable Selective Plating Fabrics

Laird introduces selective plating and high electrical conductivity onto both sides of stretchable fabric.

Innovative selective plating technology enables the creation of pattern and circuit
directly onto the fabric for various types of applications and functions.The pure silver
metallization guarantee ensures reliably high electrical performance on both sides of the
fabric in combination with robust mechanical and wear resistance . The portfolio
currently offers two types of polyamide-based fabrics: a woven parachute ripstop type
and a stretchable knitted version for mechanically stressed use cases including
applications such as consumer/medical/professional wearable electronics.
This new technology can lead to efficient reel-to-reel plated rolls in continuous high
volume production processes, both for continuous or isolation pattern designs, all with
accurate trace width.
Value Added Services are offered to support this important new capability upon
customer request, such as:
-Surface treatment
-Sensor build (including die cutting, multilayer lamination, wire connection,
and battery connection.
-LED implementation

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