Fingerstock Metal Gaskets

Fingerstock Metal Gaskets

EMI and Non-EMI Metallic

Laird Performance Materials specializes in designing miniature parts of thin strip metal in quantities ranging from thousands to millions of pieces offers an extensive selection of enclosure shielding gaskets.

With over 500 standard parts, including Fingerstock Metal Gaskets, Laird has an off-the-shelf solution that meets your application’s requirements. Contact strips are used for grounding and shielding in high-frequency equipment and for forming large diameter contact rings. A wide variety of Beryllium Copper contact strips provides engineers and designers with flexibility in solving grounding and shielding problems. Various lengths, widths, thicknesses, contours and hole locations are possible for many of the standard catalog items. An “UltraSoft” low compression force version is available for virtually every standard shielding product.

Fingerstock Metal Gaskets Series


ingerstock Solutions Product Description Adhesive mounted Fingerstocks are an instant, pressure-sensitive adhesive bonding system, ideal for all applications where soldering


Fingerstock Solutions Slot mounted parts are easily installed using slots where bidirectional movement is required. Simply install part into one


 Laird™ Fingerstock Solutions Clip-On gaskets hold firmly in place because of their own spring characteristics. Simply push the strips onto the