EMI and Non-EMI Metallic

EMI and Non-EMI Metallic

Explore Laird’s standard EMI shielding metallic products that includes: Fingerstock, Board Level Shields, SMD Contacts, and Vent Panels. Standard parts require no upfront tooling costs and inventory is readily available at many distributors for quick-turn prototyping.

Laird also offers a vast array of co-engineered EMI and non-EMI , precision thin-gauge metal stamping capabilities. Laird’s team of engineers and scientists will collaborate directly with the customer to design a solution for the application and provide predictive modeling services such as finite element analysis (FEA), EMI modeling, and deep draw simulations when needed to ensure the design is right the first time. Once a part design is finalized, Laird has prototyping centers in each region for rapid delivery of prototypes prior to launching into mass production.

Other capabilities include a variety of plating options, laser welding of dissimilar metals, applying functional coatings such as a dielectric, applying a functional material such as a Laird thermal interface material, laser printing, meeting stringent cleanliness requirements, etc.

EMI and Non-EMI Metallic Groups

Board Level Shielding (BLS)_2
Managing electromagnetic interference requires protection that effectively considers space, weight and application constraints. Whether you need a one-piece, two-piece or a custom BLS, our shields provide isolation of board level components.
Tap 80-plus years of expertise. Laird specializes in thin strip metal in amounts ranging from thousands of pieces to millions. It’s likely we have your high frequency grounding and shielding solution off-the-shelf. Ask about our dozens of variations.
SMD Metal Contacts_5
Bridge large gaps. Thin strip metal solutions for high frequency EMI shielding and grounding are ideal for situations where large gaps must be bridged and low compression force is required. Made of Beryllium Copper, our contacts are RoHS compliant.
Vent Panels_2
Shield EMI while capturing contaminants. Laird Electro-Air EMI/Dust Filtration, MaxAir and Electrovent panels provide effective shielding while capturing airborne contaminants. You get quality protection without disrupting ventilation and airflow.