Ruggedized Specialty Microwave and Custom Magnetic Absorbers

Ruggedized Specialty Microwave and Custom Magnetic Absorbers


Military strong

For free space reflectivity reduction, cavity resonance as well as tuned functionality, Laird can offer military- and aerospace-compliant products and technologies.

Complex, highly sensitive military/aerospace electronics must perform flawlessly, every time and often in extreme environments across land, air and sea.

Find a selection of qualified and running grades in military aerospace applications.

Ruggedized Specialty Microwave and Custom Magnetic Absorbers Series


Low frequency range cavity resonance elastomer absorber Construction consists of a conductive coating “lossy” fabric, separated from a conductive ground


Microwave absorbing honeycomb Laird uses either Nomex® or fiberglass honeycomb core and applies a “lossy” coating to it. The RF

Laird-ABS-IMG-RFFOAM- Flexible-and-Structural-Radar-Absorbing-Foam-1

Shapeable free space absorber foam The product comes in custom shapes and sizes and provides excellent broadband microwave absorption along


Many of these products are based upon Laird RFRET foam material. RFRET is open-celled lightweight foam, which is flexible and

Microwave Absorbers-ECCOSTOCK HiK (1)

Between these 2 resonant frequencies, reflectivity remains typically below -10dB.The nitrile matrix is a very durable material. It has good


Tuned free space elastomer absorber Specific elastomers can be chosen for specific environments or applications. Elastomers process by Laird for