Vent Panels

EMI and Non-EMI Metallic

High-performance Panels that Provide EMI Shielding and Allow Airflow 

Laird Performance Materials MaxAir vent panels provide an innovative and cost-effective approach that allows air flow for component cooling and a barrier to reduce RF leakage. 

This metallized polycarbonate panel material provides a rigid medium eliminating the need for costly frame designs.  The frameless design allows greater airflow through the entire panel surface and enables easy installation through its press-to-fit assembly.  The MaxAir vent panel features greater durability and flexibility than traditional aluminum vent panels.  

The panels can be cut to a variety of sizes ranging from small axial fans used in a cooling fan assembly to larger sizes found in a variety of data center applications such as server racks. 

Laird’s engineering department will provide technical assistance and testing data to help you solve the toughest application challenges.

Vent Panels Series


 Laird™ Vent Panel Solutions MaxAir Vent Panels provide an innovative and cost effective approach for providing increased airflow and EMI protection