Tpcm™ 780

Tpcm™ 780

Thermal Phase Change Material

Product Description

Tpcm 780 is a high performance, inherently tacky, easy to rework phase change thermal interface material. Developed specifically to meet the high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance requirements of today’s demanding processors. This silicone-free material is so soft that it begins to flow as the temperature is elevated by just a small amount. Also, since no tabs are required, Tpcm 780 eliminates the need for expensive converting.

Features and Benefits

  • Silicone-free for applications that are silicone sensitive
  • Outstanding thermal performance helps to ensure CPU/application reliability
  • No mess due to thixotropic characteristics which prevent flow outside of interface


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Last Updated: 24/08/21

Technical Specification

Thermal PropertiesThermal Conductivity (W/mK)5.40


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