Low Loss Dielectrics

Low Loss Dielectrics


Configured to Defend

With the recent progress of wireless telecommunication, intelligent satellite systems, and the Internet of Things (IoT), there’s a constant demand for low-loss dielectric materials.  The exact properties of these materials – the composition, purity, and processing conditions – are critical to their performance and endurance over time.  Laird has a full line of state-of-the-art, reliable dielectrics products that range from 1.05 to 30 dielectric constant in rod, sheet form or even 3D shape, rigid or molded. We can custom fabricate anything to your needs.  What’s more, we have the modelling and testing capabilities to ensure your project is completed with ease and perfection.

Benefits of our Low Loss Dielectrics 

  •  Various form factors: compressible or rigid closed cell foam, elastomer, thermoplastic
  •  Adjusted to multiple dielectric constants
  •  Low loss tangent
  •  Rigid or flexible materials
  •  High / low t° stability
  •  Adhesive options available

Find or Design Your Absorber 

Using Laird-manufactured parts, our team of global experts and engineers create a custom design experience that is unrivaled by our competitors.  Explore our robust line of absorber products or contact an engineer through customer service to discuss your next solution.  

Explore Solutions

  • Low Dielectric Thermoset Materials

ECCOSTOCK 0005 is a translucent polystyrene based thermosetting exhibiting low loss dielectric properties

  •  Powders, Resins and Adhesives

ECCOSTOCK FFP is a powder curing into a rigid foam, perfect to fill cavities.

  • Low Dielectric Foam Products

Eccostock LoK is a low dielectric constant, low loss and low weight thermosetting plastic for RF and microwave insulation.

  • Controlled Dielectric Thermoset Materials

ECCOSTOCK HIK500F is a low loss stock with adjusted dielectric constants up to 30 and over 200°c temperature resistance.

Low Loss Dielectrics Series


Rigid closed cell dielectric foam Unlike most polyurethanes, Eccostock SH has an extremely low dissipation factor and low dielectric constant.


Due to the low dielectric constant, the materials are essentially transparent to electromagnetic energy. It offers excellent thermal insulation. Eccostock


Light weight dielectric thermoset Eccostock LOK weighs only about half that of polystyrene and one quarter that of polytetrafluorethylene, making

Microwave Absorbers-ECCOSTOCK HiK

Low outgassing properties make them suitable for space applications. It exhibits a very low water absorption (<0.1) making it of


It weighs only about half that of polystyrene and one quarter that of polytetrafluoroethylene. FlexK LoK is waterproof and has


ECCOSTOCK FFP is designed to infiltrate densely populated electronic packages, readily filling void space around components when vibrated in place.


Eccostock 0005 is showing good machinability and can easily be bonded to other material. It s a good choice for


High temperature tuned low loss dielectric stock When subjected to high temperatures, the surface will darken. This however has no